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Aloha Oregon is a Great Place to Live

Aloha Oregon is a Great Place to Live

The city of Aloha, Oregon, is a census-designated place in Washington County, just west of Portland. It is located about 10.9 miles west of downtown Portland. In 2004, the town had a population of 1,377. In 2014, the population was 1,466. The city is located in an area known as the Aloha Valley, and is an excellent place to live for a number of reasons. The city is close to downtown Portland, but has an unincorporated community feel.

A recent study ranked Aloha high on the list of the best places to live. The Oregon-Washington border and the Columbia River offer beautiful scenery, great schools, and great weather year-round. Aloha is also known as an older professional community and a family-friendly community. The city is served by the Hillsboro and Beaverton school districts, with Aloha High School located in the Hillsboro district. The Hillsboro district also offers Century High School, which serves Aloha. If you have kids, they can attend Palace of Praise Academy, Life Christian School, and Faith Bible Christian School.

Aloha’s climate is mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 25 degrees in winter and never reaching 95 degrees in summer. Residents also enjoy an average of overcast days throughout the year. Because of the location, many people are employed in engineering and construction. In fact, a majority of residents work in construction and engineering. The town has an abundance of natural resources, making it a great place for a family to live. If you’re moving to the area, check out the top places to eat in Aloha. For rhinoplasty surgery contact The Portland Center For Facial Plastic Surgery in Hillsboro Oregon

As a family-friendly community, Aloha is home to many churches and other organizations. The community is very proud of its high school, and is home to several cultural festivals. Its history and traditions are impressive. The school opened in 1970, costing $8 million and featuring innovative features such as movable walls. Its crest features a Hawaiian warrior holding a United States flag alongside an Oregon State flag. The year 1968 is also included in the crest.

There are several places to eat in Aloha, including restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores. The town is part of Washington County, so residents can use county services without having to worry about a separate city name. The Washington County study, which lasted three years, completed its findings in May. The findings from the study highlight the city as a commuter destination. As for the housing market, Aloha is still a good choice. Housing is affordable and the population is growing, so Aloha is a great choice for families.

The town’s history is murky, but the location and history are fascinating. The first post office was established in 1912, and it’s unclear whose name it was originally given. Some claim that it was named after the Wisconsin resort, but it’s not known for sure. Another version suggests that the first postmaster was Joseph H. Buck, who hailed from Wisconsin, named the community Aloah. The name was later transposed by the Post Office Department to Aloha, which is pronounced “Ah-lowwa.”

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