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How Rhinoplasty Works

If you are interested in learning more about rhinoplasty and what it entails, you may be wondering how the procedure works. Fortunately, rhinoplasty can be performed in both hospitals and doctor’s offices. This cosmetic surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on which type of procedure is being performed. Local anesthesia numbs the face and makes you feel groggy, while general anesthesia renders the patient unconscious. In the case of a rhinoplasty, children are usually given general anesthesia.

After undergoing rhinoplasty, the nose will be reshaped, and the tissues will settle and move gradually. In the first year after surgery, the tissues may shift moderately. The surgeon will then adjust the new structure of your nose. The process can last up to two hours. In many cases, patients can go home the same day. However, it is important to visit a doctor before your procedure. Your surgeon will take the time to review your medical history to make sure that your procedure is safe.

A good consultation is important, as this allows your plastic surgeon to get an idea of what you want. It is possible to discuss possible changes with the doctor, and computer mockups can help you decide what kind of changes will be most attractive. However, the doctor will still make necessary corrections and adjustments, so you should be clear about what you want to achieve. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, the surgeon may also make alterations to your face.

Once you have decided to undergo rhinoplasty, your doctor will examine your facial features and take photos of your nose. Depending on the extent of your desired changes, the doctor may also perform a chin augmentation as a secondary treatment. This procedure helps to improve the chin and make it more defined. Photos taken before the surgery may also help you assess the results of your procedure and determine whether it is the right choice for you.

If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, you may consider a rhinoplasty procedure. A plastic surgeon will reshape your nose, removing excess skin, and making the underlying bones symmetric. The surgical process may be done under general anesthesia, which will keep you unconscious during the surgery. A small incision is made inside your nose or between the nostrils, which allows your surgeon to see your nasal structure in a better way.

During a rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon will create a teardrop-shaped incision inside your nasal dorsum. The surgeon will then use an osteotome to correct any defects in the cartilage, and reposition your nasal bones so they are properly positioned. This process will make the bridge of your nose look smooth and curved. The surgeon will then use a small amount of bone glue to stitch the flap into place.