Facial Plastic Surgery Near Me

Facial Plastic Surgery Near Me

How is a rhinoplasty treatment carried out?

The steps involved in rhinoplasty surgery are as follows:

First step: anesthesia

During the surgical procedure, you will receive medication for comfort.
General anesthesia or intravenous sedation are the options.
The option that is ideal for you will be advised by your doctor.

Step 2: Making the cut

An open rhinoplasty involves making an incision across the columella, the thin strip of tissue separating the nostrils, as opposed to a closed rhinoplasty, which conceals incisions inside the nose.

The skin covering the nasal bones and cartilages is gradually elevated through these incisions, providing access to alter the nose’s structure.

open columella-crossing incision during rhinoplasty

Step 3: Reshaping the structure of the nose

Bone or cartilage removal may be used to constrict an excessively big nose.
In some cases, cartilage grafts may be added during nose surgery.

The cartilage most frequently used for this purpose comes from the septum, the partition in the middle of the nose.
On rare occasions, a piece of rib cartilage or ear cartilage can be used.

Correcting a deviated septum in Step 4

To enhance breathing, a deviated septum can be straightened and the protrusion inside the nose can be diminished.

Closing the incision is step five.

The nasal skin and tissue are redraped, incisions are closed, and the nose’s underlying structure is moulded into the desired shape.

To change the size of the nostrils, further incisions may be made in their folds.

Step 6: Examine the outcomes

Splints and gauze packing may be used to support the nose for a few days as it starts to mend.
Find out more about the outcomes of rhinoplasty.


Facial Plastic Surgery Near Me

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