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Browlift (Forehead Lift) in Portland Oregon – Top Brow Lift Surgeon

A browlift is also known as a Forehead Lift which involves rejuvenating the forehead and lifting the eyebrows. The pre-existing hairline will determine the placement of the incisions. For the browlift if a patient has a high hairline and wishes to lower it, an incision is placed at the hairline. To raise the hairline, the incision is placed in the scalp behind the existing hairline. The frontalis muscles, corrugator muscles and procerus muscles of the forehead can be softened and adjusted as necessary, depending upon how significant the wrinkles in the forehead are. When there is dermal atrophy in the vertical corrugator lines between the eyebrows, the corrugator muscle can be softened surgically and small fascia grafts can be inserted in this area to help fill in the wrinkle. No bandages are placed around the head or face, however our doctors use a small suction drain left in place for one day. This usually prevents bruising after the browlift procedure, although patients do have approximately 10 days of some degree of swelling after the browlift procedure. With a forehead lift or browlift, the eyebrows usually have to be slightly overcorrected and they drift down in to place that first month after the procedure.

A browlift is performed at The Portland Center For Facial Plastic Surgery for patients who have a low eyebrow position relative to the eyelids. Although not everyone is a candidate for a browlift, the forehead lift can be performed at the same time as an eyelid lift and a face lift. At The Portland Center the browlift is performed under general anesthesia by a board-certified physician anesthesiologist for patient safety and comfort in our Medicare certified outpatient surgery center in Portland Oregon.