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Chin Implants in Portland Oregon – Top Chin Implant Surgeon

A chin implant procedure is performed for a patient that has a weak and recessive chin profile. Chin implants are composed of Silastic, and are surgically inserted through a submental approach under local anesthesia. Chin implants are manufactured in a variety of sizes and different shapes, such as extended wings, anatomical and pre-jowl implants. The size and shape is determined at the time of the consultation and examination by Dr. Portuese since the implants and the chin are both 3-dimensional structures.

Once the entire chin area has been anesthetized the implant is inserted. The chin implants are placed in a very precise pocket underneath the periosteum of the chin and sewn into place to hold them from shifting. A few stitches are placed underneath the chin and removed one week after surgery. Most patients have some degree of visible swelling after the surgery for approximately 10-14 days. A chin implant can be performed in combination with another surgery such as rhinoplasty or a facelift under a general anesthesia as well.