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There are many different reasons why a patient could decide to get a necklift (platysmaplasty) to enhance their neck’s appearance. The Portland Center for Facial Plastic Surgery creates a specific surgical plan for patients with loose neck skin, neck bands, or double chin issues. This procedure can range from straightforward neck liposuction alone to excess skin excision to a formal necklift with platysmal plication. The latter method is the most successful since it improves the jawline by lifting the neck and removing the fat above and below the platysma muscle beneath, rather than just stretching the skin. Combining a face lift operation with a necklift is a common practice.

Neck lift carries some risk. Your procedure’s risks will be reduced if you select a skilled, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise like Dr. William Portuese and Dr Joseph Shvidler.

What Happens During a facelift \ Neck Lift Consultation?

Experience is the most crucial consideration when picking a neck lift surgeon in order to increase the likelihood of a successful procedure. Although many doctors conduct necklift surgeries, they might not have received sufficient training in the technique. How many facial and neck procedures did your doctor conduct during their residency? Many cosmetic surgery residency programs allow trainees to complete their training with only a few facial surgeries completed. Furthermore, even if the doctor had exceptional training in facial plastic surgery, it might not be the main focus of their work. For instance, a plastic surgeon might undertake several operations, but they might be primarily liposuction or breast augmentation, which are very dissimilar from facial plastic surgery. Ultimately, you want to be sure that your doctor has substantial training and expertise in facial plastic surgery. You should take the utmost caution while selecting your facial plastic surgeon.

What objectives you intend to achieve with your necklift or neck liposuction are another factor to take into account. Sometimes, while being aware that they don’t like their neck as it is, patients struggle to express their concerns. Looking at your face and neck objectively in the mirror can help you identify the issues that may annoy you about the neck, such as a loss of jawline contour, the development of jowls, drooping neck, deep creases, or wrinkles. Remember that the neck continues into the lower face. Many people who worry about their necks are truly worried by their lower face. If so, a facelift may be necessary since a necklift alone is unlikely to be beneficial for patients over 50 years old. Make a list of your concerns like surgery cost, cost of anesthesia, recovery and bring it with you to the consultation with one of our doctors.

Neck Liposuction in Portland Oregon

What Can I Expect From Necklift Surgery?

The Surgical Neck Lift Consultation

You and your facial plastic surgeon will have the opportunity to meet and get to know one another during the consultation. There are various reasons why this is significant. To ensure that you and your doctor are on the same page prior to the procedure and that you feel free to express any worries or questions both before and after the procedure, you should feel at ease with your physician.

Our doctors will examine your neck and discuss your desired outcomes with you. They will be up front and honest with you about what you can expect, as well as any potential hazards. It is crucial to be open and honest with your doctor throughout your visit because these dangers can differ depending on the particulars of each patient. A necklift has risks that can include bruising, bleeding, infection, swelling, scarring, nerve injury (which can cause facial weakness or a loss of sensation), and more. All of these dangers are rare, but it’s crucial for patients to be aware of them before. Our goal is to make each of these issues less likely to occur, and we will take all reasonable steps to do so.

The Procedure

You will undergo a pre-operative history and physical examination before the operation to make sure there are no health issues. On the day of operation, you will receive instructions on what to do before, during, and after the procedure, as well as prescriptions for medicines you must take afterwards.

In our surgical practice a necklift is performed for patients who are less than 50 years of age, and have excellent skin tone in the neck but simply have excess fatty deposits in the neck and wish to have a jawline enhancement. A necklift surgery will not tighten loose facial and neck skin; the facelift procedure tightens skin. This surgical procedure accomplishes removing fat above the platysma muscle also known as submental fat and when sub-platysmal fat is present it will also address fat removal below the platysma muscle. A platysmaplasty is then performed to enhance the jawline and give much more definition to the neck. The neck lift procedure is performed under a general anesthesia and takes approximately a 1-1/2 hours to perform. There are no pressure wraps or bandages applied to the neck and face area, however our surgeons use small vacuum drains that are left in place for 2 days after the procedure to drain the blood out from underneath the skin which allows for faster healing. A neck lift portland is frequently combined with other procedures such as a chin implant to help define the jawline. Patients can anticipate approximately 2 weeks of swelling and bruising after the neck lift portland.

Following a neck lift portland, it’s crucial to follow up with your portland neck lift surgeon, who you’ll see frequently. This is to make sure you are recovering appropriately and are satisfied with your outcomes. We are dedicated to ensuring that you recover correctly and that you are satisfied with the outcome. Before you are totally recovered, it may take up to 6 months, and we will closely watch you during this time to guarantee optimal recovery.

Should I Abstain from Taking Any Medicines?

In general, you should abstain from anything containing aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other drug for 3–4 weeks prior to and 2–3 weeks following the treatment. Examples include Advil, Motrin, any blood thinners, some herbal supplements, etc. This lessens the amount of blood that occurs during the treatment and the amount of bruises that you will have following the procedure.

How Much Does it Cost?

$5,950 – $6,950 (Surgeon & Operating Room) + $1274 (Anesthesia)

Neck Liposuction:
$2,850 – $3,350 (Surgeon & Operating Room) + $784 (Anesthesia)

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