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Neck Lift Surgery in Portland – Hillsboro Oregon – Top Neck Lift Surgeon

A top neck lift procedure in our practice is performed for patients who are less than 50 years of age, and have excellent skin tone in the neck but simply have excess fatty deposits in the neck and wish to have a jawline enhancement. A neck lift will not tighten loose facial and neck skin; the facelift procedure tightens skin. A neck lift accomplishes removing fat above the platysma muscle also known as submental fat and when sub-platysmal fat is present it will also address fat removal below the platysma muscle. A platysma-plasty is then performed to enhance the jawline and give much more definition to the neck. The neck lift procedure is performed under a general anesthesia and takes approximately a 1-1/2 hours to perform. There are no pressure wraps or bandages applied to the neck and face area, however Dr. William Portuese uses small vacuum drains that are left in place for 2 days after the procedure to drain the blood out from underneath the skin which allows for faster healing. A neck lift is frequently combined with other procedures such as a chin implant to help define the jawline. Patients can anticipate approximately 2 weeks of swelling and bruising after the neck lift procedure.