Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Rhinoplasty

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Rhinoplasty

Before your procedure, you might wish to ask your rhinoplasty surgeon some of the following queries.

1: What led you to choose a career in cosmetic surgery?
How long have you been a cosmetic surgeon in practice?

Do you hold a board certification?
If so, how long and by what board?

3. Have you ever received disciplinary action from the state or the board?

How many rhinoplasties have you carried out, total?

5: On average, how many adjustments do you have to make to your own work?

6: On average, how many rhinoplasties do you conduct each year?

7: Would you or have you ever carried out this surgery on a friend or family member?

8: Is there a circumstance under which I would not be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?

9: What risks are associated with rhinoplasty?

10: Do you favor doing procedures in an open or closed environment?

11: Are there any newer or additional strategies that I am not aware of?

12: Do you have a video I may see of a rhinoplasty being done?

13: How long should I be away from work, school, etc. to allow my body to heal properly?

14: What kinds of drugs will you give me, and which painkillers do you typically recommend?

What type of anesthetic is applied during rhinoplasty?

16: Can I see a collection of imperfect images in addition to your great ones?

17: Where will the procedure take place?
Is the surgery center or suite certified if the procedure won’t be performed in a hospital?

18: If so, which hospitals do you have hospital privileges at?
Why not if you don’t have access to the hospital?

19: Who will provide the anesthetic, and what qualifications does that individual have?

20: Can you provide me any advice on how to reduce my discomfort and pain?

21: I have spectacles on.
Will I be able to put them on over the cast the day after surgery?
When may I regularly don my glasses?

22: I take (birth control, diet pills, antidepressants, etc.).
Will the prescribed drugs or the anesthetic cause me any side effects?

What is your policy for a revision if my results don’t turn out the way I expected them to?

24: Do you think I can get what I want?

25: Will my money be returned if I decide not to proceed?

26: What should I do if I have an emergency the night after surgery?

27: When will my stitches be removed if I require them?

28: Are there any unstated fees that I should be aware of, such as those for lab testing, follow-up appointments, or extra medications?

29: How can I contact you or your personnel after business hours if I require anything regarding the surgery?

30: What guidelines do you have for postoperative care?

Do you provide financing?
Do you demand upfront payment in full?
Can I make partial payments?

Will I require a graft?
What sort, if any?

33: Will my nose be packed after surgery?
What kind of packing is used?
How much time?

34: What is the background of the people who will be in the recovery room with me?

35: How far in advance must a surgery date be scheduled?
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