Rhinoplasty and Bruising Under the Eyes

Rhinoplasty and Bruising Under the Eyes

This is a common reaction following rhinoplasty.
It occurs when the nasal bones are changed, and the result is usually some bleeding under the skin of your face.
Bruising under the eyes often starts to develop 24 hours after surgery and reaches its peak during the first 48 hours.

The bruising will probably have faded to a yellow or brown hue a week following your rhinoplasty surgery, which is often when your cast is removed.
Makeup can easily hide this healing stage.
Ten days after your surgery, the under eye circles are typically entirely gone.

recommendations for healing

You can take a few steps to lessen the visibility of the dark circles and hasten your total recuperation.
It typically helps to apply a cold compress to the area, like a bag of frozen fruit.

In order to protect the area around your nose while it heals from surgery, it’s also suggested to sleep on your back with cushions supporting your head.

Following your treatment, your facial surgeon will provide you comprehensive aftercare instructions.
You must strictly adhere to their instructions to guarantee a positive outcome.

permanent bruises

In a few instances, bruising following a rhinoplasty does not completely go away by itself.
Even after several months since the operation, the region is still discolored.

Some people (most often those with Mediterranean ancestry) are genetically predisposed to persistent bleeding.
In some situations, the bruises don’t heal and disappear into the body.
Instead, iron stains remain in the area, turning the skin a permanent shade of brown.

This does not imply that you must tolerate facial discolouration for the rest of your life.
This condition has treatments that can be corrected, and they resemble those for solar spots.
They typically include a chemical peel and many weeks of topical hydroquinone treatment.
The skin on the face seems healthy and renewed thereafter.

results of rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty surgery

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