Rhinoplasty – How Long Does Pain Last After Surgery?

Rhinoplasty – How Long Does Pain Last After Surgery?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty (a “nose job“), you probably have questions about how the healing goes. Knowing what to anticipate throughout your recuperation period will help you make arrangements for work and other social obligations, as well as soothe any worries you may have. The most frequent inquiries we receive regarding the healing process after rhinoplasty are addressed below.

How long does it take for a rhinoplasty to heal?

The majority of patients spend one week recovering at home. Your nose will likely be packed for the first 24 hours to lessen seeping, and you’ll probably have a mustache dressing over your upper lip to catch any nasal drainage. The day following surgery, these will be removed. Additionally, you’ll need to wear a splint for protection. After 5-7 days, the splint and any apparent stitches between the nostrils will be taken off.

Is recovering from rhinoplasty painful?

Instead of pain, most patients describe discomfort. The pain will dramatically subside during the first night following surgery, when you can feel a dull aching around your nose. In actuality, postoperative nasal congestion causes most patients more discomfort than pain. To help you recuperate as quickly as possible, you will be given information on how to reduce any discomfort.

How much time do bruises and swelling last?

Within the first week, the majority of the bruising and swelling will go down. Your nose will first appear enlarged after the splint has been removed. Don’t be concerned if it initially appears worse because the edema will increase before it starts to decrease. 90% of swelling typically goes down within the first 6 weeks, and the final 10% gradually goes down over the course of the first year.

When can I resume job, school, or socializing?

After their facial plastic surgery, most patients feel comfortable going back to work or school in less than two weeks. However, if your job requires a lot of physical activity, you might need to take more time off since heavy lifting or other strenuous activities can raise blood pressure, which can exacerbate swelling and prolong the healing process. When it comes to socializing, it is advisable to start out by solely interacting with close relatives or friends who will be encouraging and supporting.

Do I have to adhere to a particular diet after my surgery?

A soft diet is recommended for the first week following surgery. Keep yourself hydrated, abstain from alcohol, and quit smoking. As long as the amount is not significantly different from what you are used to, caffeine is acceptable.

When can I resume my workouts?

Depending on how your rehabilitation is going, you should decide when to start exercising again. While some people must wait a month, others can begin exercising at 50% of their usual intensity after just two weeks.

When may I resume wearing makeup?

Following your operation, you can apply makeup to places far from your incisions or resurfaced skin. To hide bruising, apply a thick makeup base or concealer with a yellow undertone. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks after surgery before makeup can be put over incisions or resurfaced regions. We always advise using hypoallergenic, fragrance-free mineral-based powders.

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