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Rhinoplasty – How Long Does Swelling Last After Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is an evolving process that takes place over several months rather than being completed in a single day of surgery.

Your rhinoplasty treatment will transform the way your face looks dramatically, but it will also be a significant event for the nose itself, needing healing time for the sensitive tissues, cartilage, and bone.
The schedule for recovery from a rhinoplasty is discussed here, along with the degree and length of swelling, by a reputable facial plastic surgeon from Portland.

Periods of Recover

Swelling can last for a year or longer, depending on how complicated your treatment was.
The nose tip in particular is a good example of this.
Fortunately, the majority of the swelling will go down in about two months, and in about two weeks you should be prepared to show off your new facial profile to the world.

There will be greater swelling and it will take longer to go down if you underwent an open rhinoplasty.
Breaking nasal bones during rhinoplasty will also put extra strain on the nose, causing more swelling and a longer recovery.

Your final outcome

Due to the persistent swelling, it takes time and patience to wait for the final outcome.
Your nose will almost probably be well-proportioned and balanced by the end of the healing process, even if it first appears slightly uneven.
It may be beneficial to make use of the computer imaging models made for you during your initial consultations as your nose recovers.
These will be a better indicator of your eventual outcome than the enlarged nose you notice when you look in the mirror in the first few weeks following surgery.

After a few months, if swelling is still bothering you, Dr. Portuese can give you a steroid injection at the area of greatest swelling.
Additionally, you can aid in reducing the swelling:
Apply ice as instructed, refrain from strenuous exercise, and keep your head elevated.
Instead of taking showers, take a bath, and brush your teeth softly.
Surprisingly, it’s not a good idea to laugh or smile too much.
The good news is that when your new nose reveals its full beauty, there will be enough of that.

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