Rhinoplasty – What Would I Look Like After Surgery?

Rhinoplasty – What Would I Look Like After Surgery?

You might have experimented with filters and apps that let you test out a “virtual nose job” if you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like after rhinoplasty.
You can purportedly see how your face might alter if you had a smaller, straighter, more symmetrical nose with a few taps and swipes.
But here in the Portland region, can they anticipate your final appearance with any degree of accuracy?
And if not, how are you supposed to understand the benefits of having a nose job?

In this blog article, I’ll talk about how filters fall short and show you how I employ cutting-edge software to accurately portray a post-surgery nose.

Can applications or filters really depict how you would appear after having a nose job?

You can adjust your characteristics with FaceTune, photo editing software, and filters so you can see what rhinoplasty might look like.
While some apps provide “beauty filters” that alter the nose uniformly for all users, others allow for more individualized tweaks.
They are frequently used by people to test out modifications like:

nasal bridge is compressed to make it more thin.

bending the tip of the nose slightly upward

removing an undesirable bulge

rectification of a crooked bridge

Unfortunately, the accuracy of these apps and filters is lacking.
They create a 2D recreation of you using a flat image, a single camera angle, and a lighting setup that is probably not accurate to your actual proportions.
While they provide for interesting experiments, they present a distorted view of what can be accomplished through surgery.

They might, at most, provide you a very broad concept of the outcome you’re after, which you can utilize as a starting point should you decide to consult a facial plastic surgeon.
In this connected blog post, you can read more about how to create the outcome you want.

How can you imagine how a nose job would make you look?

Fortunately, working with a plastic surgeon will allow you to forecast your outcomes far more precisely.
I employ computer imagery during rhinoplasty consultations to help you picture the potential outcomes before you decide to have surgery.

I use this specialist software and my years of experience in facial plastic surgery to produce exact, unique modifications.
I can then display the anticipated result on the screen to give you the best possible idea of what to anticipate.

One of the most crucial tools I employ to ensure that my patients are happy with their rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty results when the gauze is removed is computer imaging.
It not only enables me to create a precise plan for the process, but it also makes my patients feel secure, confident, and enthusiastic about their surgery rather than worrying about the outcome.
People almost universally remark that their nose looks precisely as expected—and frequently much better.
nasal tip

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