Top Facial Plastic Surgery Services in Portland Oregon

Top Facial Plastic Surgery Services in Portland Oregon

A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic treatment to alter the nose’s size or shape in order to improve appearance and create greater harmony and symmetry among the features of the face.
A rhinoplasty can also be done concurrently with operations that improve the nose’s functionality by removing breathing obstructions.

You may have faith in our strategy because it takes into account your goals, age, skin type, and overall health.

Our doctors approach rhinoplasty holistically, taking into account the harmony and balance of each feature of the face as well as its proportions.

Our team has a wealth of expertise.
Each of our four full-time faculty members is a world-renowned authority on facial plastic surgery with a specialization in rhinoplasty.

We provide a high level of ability and understanding in even the most complicated treatments because to our huge patient population and knowledgeable faculty.

Our skilled facial cosmetic surgeons approach each surgery with artistry and an eye for balance, taking into account each patient’s age, ethnicity, and skin type.

Selecting a professional is crucial while having rhinoplasty.
Many people believe that this treatment is the most difficult one that can be performed in all of plastic surgery.
Both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology-head and neck surgery (or ENT surgery) are double board certified specialties of our physicians.
They have so invested decades on learning the inside and outside of the nose, respectively.
Additionally, they concentrate on rhinoplasty, which includes revision cases, which account for a sizable portion of our business.

What to Expect After a Rhinoplasty

One of our specialists will perform a complete assessment and go over your individual expectations for your rhinoplasty.
Some operations can address both respiratory problems and cosmetic concerns simultaneously.

Our experts will take pictures of you during your appointment while also reviewing your medical history, skin type, age, and ethnic background.
The surgeon will describe how to remodel the nose using the nasal bones and cartilage.

The rhinoplasty procedure can be performed in an office-based surgical facility, an outpatient surgery center, or a hospital.
To ensure your comfort, it is carried out under anaesthetic.

If cartilage grafts are necessary for the rhinoplasty, the surgeon will start by cutting a small piece of cartilage from the ear or a rib.
This will enable our surgeon to replace missing cartilage in the nose.
Incisions are stitched shut using tiny dissolvable stitches.

The doctor will next apply a thin splint to the nose to support the new structure and protect it.
Absorbent dressings may occasionally be stuffed inside the nose.
You will receive care instructions from the surgical care team in order to guarantee the best outcome, avoid infection, and ease suffering.
These might contain guidelines for:

taking painkillers

Cold compresses are applied to reduce edema.

Keeping the head up while resting and refraining from heavy exercise while recovering

Nasal swelling is typical and might last for several weeks.
Additionally, you might see bruises around the eyes and nose.
In a year, the nose is entirely recovered.
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