What Rhinoplasty Can Do?

What Rhinoplasty Can Do?

Rhinoplasty procedures are frequently requested by patients who enter a plastic surgeon’s clinic without a clear understanding of what the operation comprises or what to anticipate.
They won’t settle for anything less than the nose of their favorite TV or movie star, and once the treatment is complete, they regrettably grow disappointed and want to hold the surgeon accountable.
When it comes to reconstructing the nose, rhinoplasty is only so effective.
However, patients will be considerably satisfied with the outcomes if they are aware of what a nose job includes before hand.

What a nose job can do

Although this treatment can ultimately lead to a nose that blends in better with the other natural aesthetic elements of your face, don’t assume nose reconstruction can address every issue.
Depending on how the tip, hump, length, or width of the nose should vary, the surgeon may make the nose straighter, shorter, or slimmer during the process.
With the aid of a facial plastic surgeon, functional flaws like a deviated septum or larger nasal turbinates can also be surgically fixed.
A rhinoplasty can frequently be paired with a medically essential nose procedure like a septoplasty, which assists with breathing and overall nasal functionality.
You should be aware, however, that the majority of insurances will only pay for the medical septoplasty component of the treatment.
In general, it’s critical to speak with a qualified facial plastic surgeon in Portland, like Dr. William Portuese or Dr. Joseph Shvidler, to help you decide if a nose operation would be the right choice for you.

Rhinoplasty’s limitations

It doesn’t always work to reconstruct a nose to appear like one that a patient thinks is lovely, especially if the nose is out of proportion to the patient’s face.
Additionally, this form of surgery won’t be able to change your nose’s fundamental structure or overrule genetics.
To get the best outcomes, it helps to have strong cartilage, decent skin, and healthy tissue.
Finally, patients should be aware that rhinoplasty or any other plastic surgery operation won’t make people like or accept them because they look better or fix any underlying, serious self-esteem problems a patient may be experiencing.
Finally, with complete knowledge following a medical consultation with one of our surgeons, patients can make a rational and more knowledgeable choice.

Go Ahead and Start

To find out more about rhinoplasty and what it can and cannot do, get in touch with one of our doctors.
During the initial appointment, we will do a complete assessment, present medical information, specifics on realistic expectations, sample work, and respond to all of your concerns.
The process will go more smoothly the more at ease you are before to it.

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