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Which Rhinoplasty is Best?

Before choosing a procedure, you will need to see a doctor for a thorough examination. The surgeon will look at the shape and size of your nose, and perform some basic tests to help them understand how to best perform the surgery. The procedure itself can take anywhere from 90 minutes to one hour, and you can choose between an open or closed procedure. Either way, you will have a small scar or no scar at all. There are no significant risks associated with the procedure, though there are a few risks.

Most rhinoplasty patients experience mild to moderate discomfort following the procedure. You will be advised not to use a tampon for at least two days after the procedure, as this may aggravate bruising around the eye. After the first week, you can resume most activities but will need at least two to four weeks to fully recover. The first week after a rhinoplasty procedure will be painful and uncomfortable, but you will soon feel better. Then, you can return to work or social activities.

There are many different surgical procedures available, and the best choice for you will depend on your needs. If you want to make a permanent change to the shape of your nose, you should consider undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. It is a relatively safe procedure, and it can make you look younger and more confident. Your rhinoplasty surgeon can help you with that, too. You should choose one who has the appropriate qualifications and experience to perform your facial cosmetic surgery.

Depending on your specific needs, rhinoplasty can be performed by a renowned surgeon or a skilled ENT. Most surgeons who perform rhinoplasty are board-certified plastic surgeons or otolaryngologists. You can consult with them about your goals and expectations. Remember that some people will need a revision procedure. You should be aware of this possibility before you make a final decision.

While open rhinoplasty is not recommended for every patient, it is often the best option when your nose is bigger or more difficult to operate on. It also allows the surgeon to access more of the nasal structures. You will likely be an outpatient patient at a certified surgical facility. Sedation and anesthesia medication will be administered before the procedure. While the procedure will leave a small scar, it is barely noticeable when fully healed.

Recovery after a rhinoplasty surgery can take up to a year, but it can vary from patient to patient. Reconstructive rhinoplasty patients will usually experience mild swelling and bruising for a week or two after the surgery. Afterward, patients should be very careful and avoid strenuous activity for at least a month. They should also follow the prescribed nasal cleaning program to help the procedure heal.

If you are unsure about the procedure, you can try your first consultation with a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. Dr. Portuese performs rhinoplasty surgeries for patients in Seattle, and is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Portuese  is an expert in the field and has a reputation for great results. Choosing the right surgeon is essential for a beautiful result.