Which Rhinoplasty is Best?

Which Rhinoplasty is Best?

One of the most common facial plastic surgery treatments is rhinoplasty.
The procedure can address respiratory issues and/or irregularities in nasal size, shape, or symmetry, as well as any cosmetic and functional issues you may be having with your nose.
The risks and advantages of rhinoplasty are the same as with other surgical surgery.
In order to make the greatest choice for your needs, Drs. William Portuese and Joseph Shvidler want to make sure you are completely informed about all facets of rhinoplasty therapy.
During your initial consultation, he will go over the nose surgery procedure in detail with you and address any questions you may have.

Here is a quick summary of some of the advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty:

Benefits of rhinoplasty

In addition to improving the nose’s appearance and functionality, rhinoplasty can boost confidence and get rid of years of self-consciousness brought on by your nose.
An rhinoplasty can:

Change the nose’s size up or down.

alter the appearance of the nostrils

nasal tip reduction

Lower the bridge

Improve the harmony and balance of the other face features

have a favorable impact on your facial beauty in general

fix issues brought on by a crooked septum

enhance breathing

risk of rhinoplasty

No matter how significant or little, all surgical treatments have some level of risk; nonetheless, our doctors are accomplished facial plastic surgeons who make every effort to reduce hazards during rhinoplasty surgery.
Following a rhinoplasty, it is also crucial to adhere to all post-operative recommendations because any deviations could affect both the healing process and the final outcomes.

Rhinoplasty risks include:

problems with anesthesia

Infection in Bleeding


Having trouble breathing

cutaneous discoloration


Displeased with the outcome

Octopus perforation

improper recovery or obvious scars

complications calling for a second rhinoplasty surgery


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