Why You Shouldn’t Get Rhinoplasty

Why You Shouldn’t Get Rhinoplasty

What to avoid doing following rhinoplasty

The size, shape, or proportions of the nose are changed during a rhinoplasty treatment in order to achieve aesthetic or functional objectives.
Our rhinoplasty surgeons in Portland, Oregon have the ability to alter the bone, cartilage, or skin structure in the nasal area throughout the procedure.
It’s critical to be open about your expectations so that the surgeon can arrange the operation keeping in mind the outcomes you hope to achieve from the rhinoplasty Phoenix has to offer.
All surgeons, including those from our practice, will consult with the patient and go through the operation in detail before approving it.
This article explains what to expect after surgery and what you shouldn’t do after a rhinoplasty, whether you’re planning to have one in Portland or somewhere else in the nation.

Expectations following surgery

Rhinoplasty typically takes 2.5 hours to complete and is done under general anaesthetic.
Most patients are allowed to leave for home on the day of the procedure, with the exception of situations when there are medical issues that need to be watched.
For pain relief, infection prevention, and general healing success, your plastic surgeon will give you a list of medications to take.
Additionally, you’ll receive a set of guidelines that you should follow as you recuperate.

You’ll need to rest in bed with your head up above the chest after having a nose job to lessen swelling and stop any bleeding.
The majority of people develop nasal congestion as a result of the swelling or the splints placed into your nose during surgery.
Before the surgeon removes the internal dressings and splint, they must be left in place for roughly 7 days.

What Not to Do Following a Rhinoplasty

Your surgeon might advise you to refrain from the following things in order to reduce your risk of bleeding or swelling and to ensure a problem-free recovery period.

1. demanding exercises

Your surgeon will specifically advise you to skip the gym and refrain from exercise for a few weeks following surgery.
Avoid engaging in any intense activity, such as lifting heavy objects, jogging, aerobic workouts, running, and high-impact walking.
In addition, during the first two weeks after nose reshaping surgery, one should refrain from performing any strenuous physical activities like tugging, bending, pushing, or anything else that applies pressure.
Most patients start feeling good enough to resume physical activity by the third week.
However, your plastic surgeon should only strictly examine this.
Following a procedure to reshape the nose, swimming should be avoided for around 6 weeks.
Until it is taken off, the cast that has been applied to your nose must remain dry.
You must abstain for 4-6 months if you play contact sports like basketball.

2. Sexual conduct

Although it may sound strange, many rhinoplasty doctors advise you to limit your sexual activities for the first three weeks after surgery.
However, you’re advised to take short, indoor strolls to avoid deadly blood clots from forming.

3. Taking a nose blower

When you contract an allergy, cold, or the flu virus, you need to blow your nose.
You’ll need to constantly wash your hands and stay away from anyone who could be ill because this can be quite risky for people who have just had a rhinoplasty.
Carrying hand sanitizer so they may eliminate germs in their immediate environment makes some patients feel more at ease.
Take the utmost care of yourself to avoid getting sick in the first few weeks after healing.

4. Having a bath

You must always keep the cast on your nose dry until it is taken off (about a week after surgery).
You should avoid using the shower because of this.
You can still wash the rest of your body and clean some of your face with a damp cloth.
Keep the region around your nose dry no matter what you do in terms of cleaning.

5. Wearing eyewear

If you wear glasses, you’ll have to take them off while recovering from rhinoplasty.
Glasses can harm the sensitive tissue and cartilage on the bridge of your nose where they rest.
If required, think about experimenting with contact lenses for a period.

6. Persisting in solar exposure

Do you feel the need to get some sun?
Well, not after you’ve had surgery to reshape your nose.
Your nose is still delicate, so exposing it to the sun could cause discoloration or raise your chance of developing certain issues even after the bandages have been taken off.
To protect your surgical site from the sun while you’re recovering, wear a hat and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

7. Using tobacco or alcohol

Smoking and drinking are typically seen by surgeons as high-risk behaviors for patients who are recovering from any type of surgery.
Cigarette nicotine has a reputation for limiting blood flow and impeding effective healing.
Alcohol, on the other hand, alters the way that drugs work and thins the blood, both of which can cause excessive bleeding.
Therefore, be sure to avoid them during the first three weeks following rhinoplasty.

8. Rubbing your nose or touching it

Naturally, people are interested in how their nose feels and appears following rhinoplasty.
However, while your nose is mending, it’s not a good idea to prod, squeeze, or touch it.
The tissues of the nose may become misaligned as a result, which could discomfort or even reverse the benefits of the operation.
It’s crucial that you keep anything that could put pressure on the operation site or hurt it away from the area.

9. Using cosmetics

Some patients, particularly women, may feel the need to cover up the bruising around their nose and eyes with makeup.
You should avoid touching your makeup bag during the first several weeks following your rhinoplasty to give your nose time to heal.
Applying makeup to skin that is healing increases your risk of problems and infections.

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